About me

My creative journey started in 2017 when someone gave me an old painting created by my father in his early years. I looked at it and wondered if I was gifted with the same talent. Clearly, there was only one way to find out. The answer came shortly after when I bumped into an art teacher who was about to start painting classes just around the corner of my house. Soon a great passion inside of me was revealed. And so it started…

“The bigger the canvas the better.”

I love the feeling of connection with my work and choose subjects that touch me. Most of the time I paint portraits of women and children as I find them powerful and pure. Maybe because I am a woman and have children. Their modesty makes them beautiful which gives me an urge to paint them. The bigger the canvas the better. They deserve to be seen. I started working with acrylics, but on canvas I feel more attracted to using oil paint as the colors are more intense.

Jennifer Mural
Jenn about me
Jenn About me

Who am I, apart from this? I am a wanderlust person and love to explore the world. I drove from the Netherlands to Australia and back through Africa in a Landrover Defender. I lived in Kuala Lumpur, in Sydney and on a sailing boat in Greece. All my travels made me who I am today and as I like to inspire others I started Travelguppies, a platform for wanderlust families. But soon after I felt the urge to create. Everything I see, feel and experience contributes to my work. I am a dedicated mother of two beautiful children and partner in adventures of the love of my life. Nature is where I feel at home and a great source of both peace and inspiration to me.

I love to get myself out of my comfort zone. That’s why you will see me working with different materials and mixed media. Whether it’s acrylics, oil paint, water colors, alcohol markers, Pro Create or even tea bags, I use whatever feels right at that particular moment. This also goes for the surface. Not only do I use canvas, I also love painting on wood, like to do murals and to discover less common surfaces.

“Each creation is a journey on itself”

Through this passion my adventures continue. Each creation is a journey on itself. I keep traveling, learning and exploring myself through my art. And I love it! I hope to turn my passion into a business reaching many hearts and walls, to leave a sparkle of light through my work. Please be welcome to join me on this creative journey!

– Jennifer –